Far From the Delta are a blues band with a rock edge from Devon and Bristol. Formed in 2010, they bring a special kind of energy to the blues. Not only can you have the whole band, if you need a quieter, more intimate performance, or a smaller budget, J can come and do a solo set.

Playing a mixture of classic blues rock covers from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac and The Doors, to more traditional blues men such as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker. They manage to bring their own unique sound to their re-workings of classic tunes and make the songs their own. They also have a large number of their own original blues songs, to which they bring with their own sense of rock-fuelled gusto. This allows the band to adapt to any event, whether itís a high energy pub performance, a festival, or a more standard support slots. If you want a more blues inspired set, a rocky set or if you want to hear brand new, original songs, Far From the Delta can deliver.

For pubs and small venues, the band have a small pa system, which is suitable for small venues and pubs, they also have lights to help with their visual performance. The band pride themselves on their original posters that they produce and are always happy to create one for any booking they have.

Far From the Delta do their best to keep their prices competitive.

J can play a solo set of up to two hours, made up of many of Far From the Deltaís songs and covers, plus a few you wonít hear in an electric set. The solo shows are very good if you want a more old time blues sound, and works very well for quieter, more intimate venues/events.


To book Far From the Delta, or to ask any more questions, please email:




  Technical details

This is more for events with a dedicated stage with sound engineer

1 Lead Vocal Mic

3 Backing Mics for the other 3 members

2 guitar amps, one head with line out if needed, can use own cab or if thereís one on stage. The other is a combo, will need a mic

1 Bass amp, head and cab. No dedicated line out, so will need di box if you want a direct signal.

Drum kit, bass, snare, hi hat, 1 rack tom, 1 floor tom, cymbals

No in ear monitors, so stage monitors needed